Tess Taylor, president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals, is the woman Hollywood Today calls "A walking job fair."

“How to Win Friends, Influence People
and Get a Job in the Music Business”

A workshop your students will love you for because they’ll learn the sales
and personal development skills to get a grip, get direction and get a job

NARIP offers several structured packages bundled with resources and materials to meet the needs of any group, class, conference or budget. For pricing, questions or a package tailored to your specific needs, please contact Amy Lewis at (818) 769-7007 or by email at info@narip.com.

Package A: (2 Parts)


Day 1: 6:00 pm (Arrival / Registration)

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Lecture)

Day 2: 10:00 am -12:30 pm (Part 2)

12:30 pm-1:30 pm (Lunch)

1:30 pm-4:00 pm (Resume Workshop)

Package A includes the following:

  • NARIP's Record Industry Rolodex
  • NARIP's Career Guide & Resume Tips
  • Career & Resume Workshop: Shape It Up, Ship It Out, and Get Hired!
  • 1 Free NARIP Program Download (valued at $40), for the first 100 students
  • 3-month Student LAMN Membership (valued at $55) for the first 50 students who register online!
  • A Step-By-Step Foolproof System To Getting The Internship Of Your Choice In 10 Weeks Or Less!
  • A Step-By-Step Foolproof System To Turning Your Internship Into A Great JOB!
  • Tess's Recommended Reading List
  • Free participation in one monthly Mastermind Teleseminar (valued at $20 per month)


Package B: Career Night (3 hours)


6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Package B includes the following:

  • Includes Career & Resume Workshop: Shape It Up, Ship It Out, and Get Hired!
  • NARIP's Record Industry Rolodex
  • Career Guide & Resume Tips
  • Recommended Reading List
  • One free NARIP Program Download for the first 40 students.


Package C: Career Lecture (1 hour)

1 hour lecture.


Description of NARIP Products & Services Your Students Receive When You Book Tess Taylor:



Resource #1: NARIP's Record Industry Rolodex ($50 value)

NARIP's Record Industry Rolodex

Featuring Access to the Power Players of the Record & Music Industries!

This jam-packed, frequently-updated 54-page booklet includes vital information including Professional Associations, Booking Bands, Books (Recommended Reading), Conferences, Directories, Educational Institutions, Gaming, Independent US Distributors, Indie Music Sites, Key Non-Commercial Radio Station Music Directors, More Radio: To Whom To Send Your Music For Airplay, Music Conventions With Showcasing Opportunities, Music Licensing & Placement, Music News: Ezines, Magazines, Blogs & Bulletins, Online Radio, Pitch / Tip Sheets, Press & PR, Professional Services, Radio, Resources For Unsigned Bands, Reviews and Trade Publications and much more!


Are you looking for leads to start your career? Do you need contacts for internships? Do you know where to look and who your source is? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the answer is NARIP's Rolodex. Record Industry Professionals, Record Company Personnel (both Major & Indie), Music Publishers, Artist Managers, Agents, Promoters, Marketing & PR Professionals, Music Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Singers & Songwriters alike will benefit from NARIP's 54+ pages of POWER.

Published by NARIP, a trusted source,this a valuable resource will save you time and money.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


Resource #2: NARIP's Career Guide & Resume Tips ($60 value)

NARIP's Career & Resume Tips

Featuring top tips on how to land YOUR dream job, how to move up, and other success strategies!

This jam-packed, frequently-updated 58-page guide includes vital information such as bare-bones tactics on how to create and submit your resume, sample resumes, The Best Cover Letter Ever Written, Advice on Entry Level Jobs, Middle Management Jobs and Advancing Your Career, How To Respond to Requests for Salary Requirements, Salary & Wage Resources, Compensation Alternatives, Strategies For Success and much more!


Resource #3: 1 Free NARIP Program Download (valued at $39.95)

NARIP Programs available include the following (see www.narip.com for most current offerings):

  • A&R Today
  • Art of Artist Management
  • Art of the Music Deal: Live Mock Negotiation of a Record Deal
  • Business Plan Development for the Record Industry
  • Getting Records To Radio
  • How To Build A Fan Base & Get Booked
  • Indie Label Financing
  • Money For Your Music
  • Producing Hit Songs with Desmond Child
  • Promote Your Music I
  • Webcasts, Downloads & Ringtones, Oh My! New Income Streams for Recording Artists


Resource #4: 3-month Student Membership Includes Enrollment in the Stan Monteiro Mentor Program (valued at $55)

This valuable membership enables students to apply for jobs (many exclusively listed on NARIP.com) for which they are qualified, and receive the personal attention of our staff to assist them in getting the internship or entry-level position of their choice. This isn't an impersonal paint-by-numbers system, our members get to interact with NARIP staff who are dedicated to matching students to great gigs throughout the music industry. Other benefits include enrollment in the Stan Monteiro Mentor Program. NARIP can help you get a Personal Board of Directors to help guide your career. The Stan Monteiro Mentor Program has orchestrated countless of pairings between those seeking to rise in the industry and mentors such as former CEOs, major label VPs, artist managers, agents and others.


Resource #5: Career & Resume Workshop

Shape It Up, Ship It Out, and Get Hired!

Ten Top Tips & Aggressive Strategies For Success

Don't be shy! This hardcore resume workshop is just what you need to whip your resume into exemplary shape.

Considered one of the nation's leading authorities on careers in the music business, industry leader Tess Taylor offers participants an unforgiving look at what industry professionals will really think of their resumes. Designed to eliminate the fluff and jumble that many college students haphazardly throw into their resumes, this "no-sugar-coating" workshop will show you how to strip your resume down to the essentials, highlighting the achievements and skills that will impress a potential employer so that you get call-backs!

"If you apply the principles learned in my workshop," says Tess, "you'll walk out with practical strategies you can use TODAY and a top-notch resume that will set you apart. My workshop has one objective: TO GET YOU HIRED NOW!"

Brutal yet sophisticated, critical yet honest, this workshop is not for the weak! Described as "aggressive, rough, raw, vigorous, demanding, and merciless," this approach will get you in shape, making you more efficient, professional and desirable to industry employers. Filled with humor, real-life examples, and proven strategies, this workshop isn't just theory, Tess gets people hired! Let Tess jump-start your career. (See RECENTLY HIRED at www.narip.com)


"Tess Taylor is one of the great resources of the music business. She's a walking job fair," according to Hollywood Today Publisher & Editor, Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn. Not only that, but "Tess has amazing insights into where the business is going and combines that savvy with a Rolodex the size of a SUV. Tess is especially sharp in two areas that create the most opportunity for young business people and artists: Internet and entrepreneurship. Tomorrow's moguls will come from Tess's workshops."

Her presentation includes the following:

1. Your resume: why it's so important and how potential employers view it

2. Take Out The Trash: what to get rid of on your resume

3. Layout Lessons: making your resume straightforward yet memorable

4. How to set yourself apart: show employers what they really care about

5. Crucial information to learn from every interview

6. Where to find internships and how to turn yours into a job in the record biz

7. Hiring trends in the music industry and where to find the best jobs

8. Thrive in the Rat Race - build a career that suits you and your goals

9. Show me the money! - negotiation, salaries, and compensation alternatives

10. The Three Basic Fears that hold us back and how to overcome them


Institutions that hire Tess to conduct her Resume Workshop may have students email her their resumes in advance. She will select a few to re-construct LIVE at her workshop. Students must be present and able to take constructive riticism. If your resume is chosen, you'll walk out with a pristine document (a $300 value). Smelling salts advisable!


Resource #6: A Step-By-Step Foolproof System To Getting The Internship Of Your Choice In 10 Weeks Or Less!

This must-have system and guide gives students a step-by-step easy-to-use guide to help them brainstorm, identify, target and secure the internship of their choice in 10 weeks or less.


Resource #7: A Step-By-Step Foolproof System To Turning Your Internship Into A Great Career!

This must-have system and guide gives students a step-by-step easy-to-use guide to maximize their internship and turn it into a great position.


Resource #8: Participation in one NARIP Monthly Mastermind Teleseminar (valued at $20 per month)

NARIP Monthly Mastermind Sessions:

As a student you know about the challenges juggling a class load, a busy life and getting an internship that will lead (or point you in the right direction) to a career. A little stressed about what you'll do after graduation?

You're not alone. The tragedy of our times is that young people like you are forced to make important decisions when they usually don't have the information or experience to make good career choices. You find yourself stuck in the old catch-22: you can't get the position you want without experience, and without experience you can't land the career.

If you're like a lot of people, you may not even have a clear idea about what kind of position you'd like or where to start.

But how to start? Whom to call? Where to go? What to do?

Not only have I been exactly where you are now and figured my way out of it, but I've since then delivered hundreds of lectures to thousands of students just like you all over the world and gotten jobs for many of them. From the tons of questions, emails and phone calls I've received over the years, I have formulated strategies and resources to address your most frequently asked questions and greatest fears, sharing important secrets with one goal in mind: TO GET YOU THE POSITION OF YOUR CHOICE IMMEDIATELY!

One of the most valuable resources of all is personal contact with successful people in the business of your choice. Your personal contact will seal the deal! One method for beginning your networking?….

NARIP's Monthly Mastermind Group

a teleseminar you can tune into from anywhere in the world.


There is a secret that virtually all successful people use to attract all that power and wealth - and it is one that you can use just as easily as they do.

It has nothing to do with magic, or intelligence or even initial wealth.

It isn't difficult. It isn't hidden.

The secret is all about simple math: basic multiplication.

"Why use one mind when two can do the job three times faster!"

The principle that successful people have been instinctively using is available to everyone:

The Mastermind Group.

NARIP's Monthly Mastermind Group, led by NARIP President Tess Taylor, is a nationwide teleseminar gathering of like-minded students who brainstorm, assist and support each other. Masterminding has existed throughout history. The Founding Fathers were essentially a mastermind group. One of my favorite books by Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich" (a MUST on my Recommended Reading list) talks about ….

One great benefit of participating in our Mastermind Group is learning the day-to-day practices of other highly successful professionals who are guests on our monthly teleseminars and "meet" students who have "broken through to the other side" and have landed a great internship or job. Our goal is that they inspire you…and nothing inspires like success. These professionals' sharing of experiences, pitfalls and approaches to problems with other students can provide a unique insight.


NARIP's Monthly Mastermind Meetings provide peer brainstorming, support and masterminding, but also its members with a proven job search, negotiation and other practical, real-life techniques designed to help members get the internship, get the job and advance their careers to their satisfaction. Members create a plan for the coming twelve months and are held accountable by their peers to implement that plan. NARIP's Monthly Mastermind Meetings are 100 % virtual.

In NARIP's monthly Mastermind Sessions, you will benefit from the following (and be able to participate, ask questions, present your challenges):

  • Learn Simple strategies that can catapult your own success
  • Discover How the power of mental multiplication can answer any question (no math involved!)
  • Find out why you are like a cell-phone and how to make perfect connections
  • See how the US President and the Queen of England are closer than you think!
  • Learn the secret that has been "the basis of every great fortune"
  • Discover the Ultimate Wealth Creation Tool
  • Find out the 7 measures of a great mentor
  • Keep in touch with a highly effective source of advice - 24/7
  • 10 reasons why people will help you
  • Discover how you can open the floodgates to infinite new ideas
  • Help you make connections and feel less isolated in your quest
  • Connect with people who can help you get an internship, job or advance your career!
  • Make a plan and implement it
  • Learn practices of other highly successful pros who "broke through" to the other side

And more ...


"A Walking Job Fair"


Find out why Tess Taylor is known as "a walking job fair." Recognized worldwide as a leading authority on careers in the music business, Tess Taylor captivates and involves her audiences with her blend of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and humor.

To invite Tess Taylor to speak at your school or conference, contact Amy Lewis at the National Association of Record Industry Professionals.

Tel: 818-769-7007 or info@narip.com

For more information on NARIP please visit www.narip.com.