Tess Taylor, president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals, is the woman Hollywood Today calls "A walking job fair."

“How to Win Friends, Influence People
and Get a Job in the Music Business”

A Master Class your students will love you for because they’ll learn the sales
and personal development skills to get a grip, get direction and get a job


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Los Angeles, CA

Dear Career Services Advisor,

Is preparing a graduate for a career in the music industry basically the same as prepping for employment in most fields?

Or are there fundamental differences that make selling to record executives, A&R reps, music publishers and distributors a uniquely difficult challenge?

Every day, job applicants create:

Cluttered, hype-filled resumes.

Pointless portfolios that leave out important technical information.

Deer-in-the-headlights fear when attending an industry
function packed with people who could substantially help their career … yet no connection is made.

No. Getting a job in the music industry is NOT like finding a job in any other career. There are differences … important differences.

And unless your students know what motivates hiring managers – and how to sell into the cut-throat world of music – it may be years before they get a foothold in their chosen profession...

while their self-confidence slowly drains.

My name is Tess Taylor, and I know the truth of what I’m saying first hand.

For two decades, I’ve run the largest, most active
music industry job bank in the world.


I started my career working for a concert promoter and realized very quickly how the entire music business is based on relationships. I also noticed that most people aren’t good at creating and maintaining them.

Then I made the switch from marketing music to marketing people. I realized what a vital need there was for what I did best - the ability to meet, interact with and form strong personal and professional relationships with people.


The “know-how” of marketing oneself is what turns a modest career into a great one, an average person into one sought out by others, and sets any professional apart from the crowd.


As my bio and testimonials in the column at left prove, my credentials and contacts in the music industry are unmatched by any other professional.

I’ve founded and operate two industry organizations with global outreach - Los Angeles Music Network and the National Association of Record Industry Professionals.

More importantly, I teach career strategies and music industry trends at universities, and keynote and lecture at conferences worldwide, for example:


University of Southern California (USC)


Harvard Business School (Boston)


Berklee College of Music (Boston)


Chico State


Ohio State University @ Athens


Cal State Fullerton (Fullerton)


Dartmouth University


Colorado University


University of Redlands


SAE Institute


Hollywood Reporter / Billboard Film & TV Music Conference (Beverly Hills)



Tess Taylor has been featured, interviewed or quoted

in the following news media:



Billboard Magazine


The Hollywood Reporter


KFI AM 640


KTLA Morning News


Radio & Records


USA Today


Tagesthemen (in Germany)


The Chicago Sun-Times


The Source


Wired Magazine


Daily Variety


Music Connection Magazine


... and in many other media outlets.

Now, I want to share my best music industry job secrets with your students in a new learning program from the Tess Taylor Music Business University that I call: How to Win Friends, Influence People and Get a Job in the Music Business.

This proven half-day master class covers vital aspects of successful student marketing into the music industry. Let’s take a look at what we uncover ...


How to Win Friends, Influence People
& Get a Job in the Music Business


Do students need specific or even hands-on experience to break in? The answer may surprise you. I share the most powerful tools for building credibility that gets students job offers. Plus, students participate in self-discovery and social graces exercises they can use throughout their careers. To make sure they know precisely what to say and do when selling themselves into a pool of accomplished, talented and often intimidating individuals, I discuss these topics:

5 strategies to beat out the competition and have job offers BEFORE you graduate
Why we're afraid to ask for what we want: the 3 most paralyzing fears and how to overcome them
Banish shyness and insecurity with a technique not taught by anyone else.
A 3-step exercise to help remember names.
The power of referrals.
Why students don't take advantage of case studies ... and why more of them should.
Crucial skills for getting into the music industry.
One simple action that can result in up to 6 times the response to your resume.
A method for getting your calls returned immediately.
Show me the money! Negotiation tactics, salary ranges and how to approach the subject of money.
How to work your NARIP Record Industry Rolodex.


PLUS — How to prepare an “elevator pitch” that sells you in just 15 – 30 seconds.


PLUS — My 5-part BLOCKBUSTER resume critique … one-on-one audits that take apart and expertly re-construct resumes in terms of design, writing, elements and persuasion. Practical advice guaranteed for students who submit their resumes in advance of seminar date.



“Rolodex the size of an SUV.”

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book “The Tipping Point” then you may recognize Tess as a “super-connector.” The concept Gladwell coined to describe that unusual species of person who knows everybody.

“Tess Taylor is one of the great resources of the music business. She’s a walking job fair. She has amazing insights into where the business is going and combines that savvy with a Rolodex the size of an SUV.”
-- Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn, Publisher & Editor of Hollywood Today




Three revolutionary resource guides your students take home when you book “How to Win Friends, Influence People & Get a Job in the Music Industry” Master Class:

NARIP’s Career Guide & Resume Tips
($60 value to each student)

Land your dream job, learn how to move up, and other success strategies!

This jam-packed, frequently-updated 58-pager includes bare-bones tactics on how to create and submit your resume, sample resumes, The Best Cover Letter Ever Written, Advice on Entry Level Jobs, Middle Management Jobs and Advancing Your Career, How To Respond to Requests for Salary Requirements, Salary & Wage Resources, Compensation Alternatives, Strategies For Success and much more!

NARIP’s Record Industry Rolodex
($50 value to each student)

Access the Power Players of the Record & Music Industries!

Always current, this 54-page information power-house lists Professional Associations, Booking Bands, Books (Recommended Reading), Conferences, Directories, Educational Institutions, Gaming, Independent US Distributors, Indie Music Sites, Music Directors To Send Your Music For Airplay, Music Conventions With Showcasing Opportunities, Music Licensing & Placement, Music News: Ezines, Magazines, Blogs & Bulletins, Online Radio, Pitch / Tip Sheets, Press & PR, Professional Services, Radio, Resources For Unsigned Bands, Trade Publications and much more!

A Step-By-Step Foolproof System to
Get the Internship of Your Choice
in 10 Weeks or Less!

A must-have formula that leads students through the process of identifying, targeting and securing the internship of their choice in 10 weeks or less.


The secrets your students learn will become second
nature to them…


Their newfound knowledge – as well as their newfound strategy for building their networking skills and relationship database – will give them a level of confidence they never had before.


Tess Taylor’s Music Business University
is surprising affordable.


How much does it cost to have me help your students with their advanced marketing and personal development education? My custom-tailored half-day seminars have been taught from coast-to-coast, for classes of 10 to 200, fulfilling every school’s needs.

My rates are flexible and fair. Your return on investment is evident by the number of Tess Taylor Music Business University graduates working across America in the music industry.


You see, most people just want to cover the material.
I’m not happy until your students master it.



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Try me risk-free

That’s right.

If, after your students attend Tess Taylor’s Music University, they don’t agree that the marketing, educational and personal development ideas in the class are valuable …

Or if they are dissatisfied for any reason … you’ll get a full refund. That way, you risk nothing.



Praise for the “How to Win Friends, Influence People & Get a Job in the Music Industry” Master Class:

“Information presented was invaluable.”

The information Tess Taylor presented to my NYU class was invaluable. Since then, many of my students have cultivated professional relationships with Tess and have benefited directly from them. I wish she lived in New York City so I could have her as a guest in every class.
-- Steve Lurie, Music Business Educator, New York University


Why not let “How to Win Friends, Influence People & Get a Job
in the Music Business” be the power lecture to get your students
hired immediately?

So what are you waiting for?

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Tess Taylor


P.S. I love this time of year. It’s a great time to take stock and think about all the things that will make the new year more fun and prosperous. What
could be better than making a commitment to your students – right now – that 2008 will be the year you ensure they master the skills to take with them throughout their careers? I can honestly think of no better plan for doing it than the one in this letter. Book me today for “How To Win Friends, Influence People and Get A Job In The Music Industry” and you get a FREE copy of NARIP’s 58-page Career Guide & Resume Tips. That’s just one more reason to make that promise to your students today.


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